about the artist

Johannes P. C. van Nunen was born in Brabant, The Netherlands in 1969.  Van Nunen works predominantly in the medium of sculpture and collage. He received a BA Graphic Design (1990) from the University Grafisch Lyceum, Eindhoven, Netherlands and a MA Visual Arts (1993) from the University of the Arts, Utrecht, Netherlands. Since 2010 he has lived and worked in Sydney, Australia.


This body of work explores my current fascination for life and the uncertainty of life-after-death.  The concept of the human desire to live as long as possible maintains an illusory sense of immortality, to believe in a future that lasts forever.  This notion is captured through a large series of mummified human figures, preserved in 17th century apothecary-like vessels. The embalmed, isolated figures carrying their belongings, memories, and experiences gathered in life, are waiting to go on a new journey, to be reborn into whatever is next. Little souls somewhere between heaven and earth. The act of placing the constructed figures into the bottles through the narrow necks reflects biographically my own personal voyage as a cultural outsider relocating from the Netherlands to Australia. 


Vintage glass bottles  |  Balsa wood  |  Vintage fabrics  |  Paper  |  Twine  | Chalk paint  |  Enamel paint


pimvannunen@gmail.com  |  +61 451 117 017